• CPT: +27 (0)21 887 1038
  • JHB:+27 (0)11 100 1969
  • Mail:info@vixnet.co.za



The Gauteng network has been completed, there are 22 base stations positioned at prime spots covering the Gauteng province as well as overspill into neighbouring provinces. We have also completed designing and manufacturing two fully portable base stations that can be used in emergencies or as fillers while permanent sites are being contracted to.

Cape Town

We currently have 4 of the 6 base stations installed in prime sites in and around the greater Cape Town, the last 2 base stations will be commissioned in the next 4 weeks. The Cape Town is now ready for commercial use.

The following metropolitan areas we are targeting are:
A)    Durban
B)    Bloemfontein.