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Access to the enclosure is requested when the user swipes his access card onto the card reader. The system communicates to the back office where the back end software verifies whether the user is authorised to access the enclosure at the requested time. If yes, the device emits a short beep and the front panel door unlock allowing access. If access is denied, then a long beep is emitted and access is denied. The rear door is unlocked via a push button from the front which releases the rear lock if and only if the user has authorisation for rear access.

All events are logged onto the back end software and on the memory of the device. The memory operates on First In First Out (FIFO) queue and old data are replaced by the latest access information. If any of the doors remain open the door switches will report the event since the switches are wired in series.



– Electricity Meter Enclosures
– Electricity Distribution Enclosures (Stubbies)
– Substation entrance doors
– Mini-sub access doors
– Street lighting Control Panels


– Long range communication capabilities
– Secure and jam-resistant communication technology
– Excellent signal penetration through urban obstacles
– No SIM cards required
– Built in temperature monitoring
– Built in shock detector
– Built in positioning via triangulation ( location dependent)
– Audible alarm fitted on card reader
– No ICASA license required
– Phase fail detection via phase failure relay
– 12V 7.2Ah Lead acid battery, charger and battery monitor for operation during power failure


– Additional Battery backup : 900mAh 7.4V Lithium battery for SACU only
– User specified card readers
– Earth/ neutral conductor monitoring
– User Interface : 8 additional configurable digital inputs
– User Interface: 2 additional static digital inputs
– User Interface: 2 additional relay outputs (1C/O contact per relay 250 Vac 3A max)
– Display : 2 line 16 characters LCD display


– Power supply: 12V dc +/- 10% 1A Nominal
– Power drain: Standby Mode: 120mA @12 V including card reader. Active Mode: 770mA @12V including battery charging, transmitting and card reading
– Dimensions: Excluding Antenna: H 130 x W 122 x D 40 mm Including Antenna: H 285 x W 122 x D 40 mm
– Mass: 330 g including battery
– Operating temperature: -20 – 85 ̊C ( Not applicable to battery)
– Communication : Wireless, Packet data, Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
– Digital Outputs: C/O relay 72W max – Used for front door lock release. C/O relay 72W max – Used for Rear door lock release
– Digital Inputs : 12V input- Used for phase failure relay. 12 V input – Used for doors open status
– Serial port: RS 232 user port via RJ11 socket. RS 232 programming port via RJ 9 socket. RS 485 user port via screw terminals
– Indicators: 4 green LED status indicators. 1 red fault LED indicator. 1 radio signal strength LED indicator (RSSI)
– Memory capacity: 136kB RAM. 256kB to 8MB Non-Volatile (Flash) User data storage. 128kB firmware capacity