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Our Network – Our infrastructure

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The Network has been designed to ensure optimum up time, due to the fact that one of our applications is the security industry. The network design has been based on tracking mobile assets through triangulation using our Spread Spectrum technology. With this in mind, the density of the base stations within our footprint brings about a high level of redundancy.


How it Works

Transceivers within the network footprint send data via a Spread Spectrum up-link. This transmission is received by base-stations located in the network footprint and is then forwarded to the VixNet Central Processing Site server.

Receipt of the data transmission by the network is acknowledged to the transceiver via a transmission back to the transceiver by the base-stations. The data message is stored within the VixNet server and is then also forwarded to the end user client. The end user client can connect direct to the VixNet server with their application software via a secure Internet connection or via a VixNet server to client server connection. Because the data is stored within the VixNetCentral Processing Site server, it can be retrieved at any time should the clients server or application not be connected to the CP Site server for any reason.

The network down-link back to the transceiver also allows for the sending of instructions back to the transceiver to carry out various functions such as opening a gate, start or stop a pump, operate a relay, switch lights on or off, etc.