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  • JHB:+27 (0)11 100 1969
  • Mail:info@vixnet.co.za

Who are we

Vixnet Networks Africa Pty (Ltd) was established in South Africa in 2006 under the name Quiktrak Networks Africa. In 2008 the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the international company Vix Technologies, who own Vixnet Africa Pty Ltd, and have global interests in diverse industries which not only afforded the local company the benefit of the expertise of a team of research and development engineers based in Adelaide, Australia, but the financial backing of a major global player.

Opportunities in the then South African market were identified for robust and reliable bi-directional radio frequency communications technology that could transmit signals out of dense builtup areas; had a high immunity to jamming; and were not GSM reliant – allowing alarm companies to spread their footprint without being limited by ICASA-approved frequencies.

In July 2010 the network was upgraded for commercial use, and the expansion of the network for Gauteng was completed in 2012, there are 20 base stations servicing the greater Gauteng province, a backup mobile site are available for emergencies in terms of footprint verification, penetration testing, as well as signal comparison. “In July 2010 we upgraded the network for commercial use.

The Cape Town network was set up and commissioned in 2013 with 6 sites and a fully portable back up base station unit built into a tailor designed trailer. The coverage in Cape Town is brilliant due to the mountainous area allowing us to cover more with less base stations.